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Monday, April 1, 2013

Positively Curious

The first day of April brings curiosity.  What will the new month bring?  Today out of curiosity, I pulled out my new blind that I received as a Christmas gift.

Renee's Blind

I wanted the blind to set up at our dugout, in hopes that water foul and other prairie animals would reveal themselves for my photography.  The blind stirred up a lot of curiosity with our horses and cats, a few spiders and bees, but not any birds!  Our horses ran back and forth in our corrals wondering what I was doing.

How very curious!

My cat jumped up and peaked through the blind window, bees flew in and out and a few spiders spun their webs inside, even a butterfly flitted about this way and that, but no other prairie animals happened by.  The water is still mostly frozen, so it wasn't a star attraction to my feathered and prairie friends. Oh, well, the season is young and there are plenty of other days to try out the blind.

I did manage to do some visual journaling and photographing in the warmth of the blind.  The day was sunny, but the wind was cool, so at least the blind did help me!

Mysterious Ice Bubbles

X's and O's

 I spotted some interesting frozen bubble circles and x's in the ice.  Under the surface of the ice, giant beetles, of about six centimetres in length were paddling about.  I have never seen the large beetles in our dugout before today!

Giant Water Beetle

Here are a few sights that also made my curious eyes wander!


Golden Grass
April 1 was a positively curious day!

All photographs are soul property
Renee Dowling.


  1. OMG Renee ... you crack me up! I love that you have blind! It's so good to know there are other 'Nature Stalker's' out there! Haha! :)

  2. "He....he...I stalk nature!" she declared with an Igorious voice! LOL


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