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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Positively Left to Chance

Ice Flow

The temperature rose to 20 degrees Celsius today, and of course, the wind also blew all day, until evening.  The evening was peaceful and warm, tempting us to get outside and enjoy SPRING!

The question was, "Where would we venture to?"  I convinced my son to come with me.  He was the driver. We couldn't decide where to go, so we decided to flip a quarter.  Chance would determine where we would go.  Heads...turn right, tails...turn left.  Sometimes heads was go straight and tails was turn.


We ended up near the South Saskatchewan River a few kilometres from where we live and a place where we had never ventured to before.

Cottonwood Reflections

The area was absolutely beautiful.  Giant ice chunks were swiftly floating down the river.

Ice Flow 2


Canada Geese, snow geese,  ducks, robins, woodpeckers, bees and many other flying creatures were also present.


Goose Reflection

Goose Reflection 2

Graceful Goose

The delightful clay cliffs,  glorious ancient cottonwood trees, scratchy wild rose bushes, golden dry grass and deer worn paths were some of the highlights of our "left to chance" adventure.

Cottonwood Deer Path

Beautiful Bark

Ancient Beauty

Cottonwood Deer Path 2


Triple Reflections


Oh, dear, stop the truck... There is a deer!

Golden Grass

On the Edge  of Glory

And then there were two

River Sunset

My son thanked me for getting him out of the house.  What a grand SPRING evening we had!
Isn't it positively fun to be spontaneous?

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  1. Positively beautiful spring images Renee! Love each one! Thanks for sharing the coulees and river! (I miss them!)

  2. Thanks, Terri. The prairie does have more to offer than flat land, that's for sure. You are welcome!


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