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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring is Positively Abloom

After a long week of getting ready for story and newspaper article writing for the Provincial Achievement Test in Language Arts, I thought my students and I should take a break for some art.  Here is one of the views right outside of the front doors of our school.  As the students were creating, I took a few moments to try out my new watercolour travel journal and my field box of watercolour paints that I received as a Mother's Day gift!  Yippee!

The weather is always unpredictable during the May long weekend, so  I thought I should seize the day and venture outside this evening.  Look who was very curious and had to poke his nose in my business.  I started whistling the tune to the show Gilligan's Island, and he hurried over to me, sniffing around.  He seems to also respond when I hum Scarborough Fair!



  1. UGH!!! Those darn PAT tests. I had my lil' grade 3'er suffer from much anxiety over his test back on Tuesday.

    *sigh* ... wasn't Gilligan's Island the BEST? Never missed it growing up! Puddin' looks like he would like to watch some reruns! LOL!

  2. Lovely spring! wonderful gift!! :D ENjoy and I look forward seeing more of your art. :D


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