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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Positively Connected, A Mother's Day Tribute

Forever Connected

"A mother's love infinitely surrounds her child and safely comforts and softens all of life's obstacles.  She is the sun and the moon.  Forever connected. Forever needed. "  Renee Dowling

I created this Mother's Day art using pastel pencils to symbolize the connection between a mother and child. I also used a gold pen and green pen to add swirls to the mat.  Daphne Odjig is one of my favourite artists, so I had one of her pieces in mind when I created this.  The rushing water and the rocks symbolize the obstacles in life that can be overcome with the support of a caring, understanding mother.  There are two suns to represent the never ending love of  a mother, sunrise to sunset.  A mother is the sun and the moon to a child.  They remain forever connected to each other, even after death.  We forever need our mothers, even if only in memory.  


out of the frame


  1. hello,

    i loved reading the meaning of this piece. so lovely to consider and true too. Your art is quite beautiful and a joy to see.

    1. Hello,

      Thanks, Tammie Lee, for the compliment and for your support.

  2. Love the flow and movement in this. So beautiful ....

    1. Thanks, that is what I was going for... flow and movement, to show connections to nature and people.

  3. Beautiful Renee! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day with your boys!!!


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