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Monday, May 6, 2013

Positively Music Monday

Today, students across Canada had the opportunity to sing with Chris Hadfield, Canada's own astronaut on the International Space Station.  He co-wrote a song from space with Barenaked Ladies'  Ed Robertson, and welcomed students to sing along together with them on this day.

 At our assembly, our students sang together in unison as the lyrics scrolled across the big screen in our gym.  What a grand experience!  Whenever a large group of people sing together, I always get choked up and tears form.  I don't know why, perhaps it is because music connects us and is so powerful.  To create a song that others proudly sing along to must be an amazing feeling. To have others singing and celebrating the writers' emotions and experiences  and understanding and connecting to those ideas, to me would be the ultimate gift!  Check out the music here: Music Monday.

I created this art  as a celebration of Music Monday.  Black to represent space, the white dots with black dots inside to represent all of the little eyes sitting in the darkened gym following along and singing, and the fireworks type patterns to represent the goosebumps I experienced while listening to the young voices singing with Chris and Ed, as they strummed their guitars!  Music Monday was a totally marvellous musical experience for me!


  1. I watched a short documentary on Chris and his love for music! Would never have guessed! Great tune! So glad your students were able to participate! Very Cool! :)

  2. hello,
    there is a wonderful celebration feeling to this piece.

    thank you for getting back to me about the pastel pencils. i will have to give it a try. the one time i used my pencils they were so much fun.


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