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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Positively Mysterious, Who Am I? No.2

Who am I?  No. 2

I am continuing to be positively mysterious!

I randomly placed a lens free magnifying glass as a frame/viewfinder on a photograph that I took last summer.  Next I drew the details and textures that I noticed within that frame using pointillism and a black fine tipped black marker.

 Each circle is filled with details and textures from one photograph of one thing found in nature.

Who am I?  Look at the clues to make an inference as to what you think I am!

Who am I? No.2, without mat and frame

Please leave your guesses in the comment boxes.  Thanks for visiting!

To use my images in any way, 
please contact me at

If you have any photographs that you would like me to use in a "Who am I"?,
please contact me too!
What fun it would be to collaborate with you!

Stay tuned for Who am I? No.3


  1. Oh how lovely!! I would love to collaborate with you! That would be fun! I will email you, or feel free to email me

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun, Maria. Let's do it!

  3. Cool images … and VERY cool practice!

    1. Thanks, there are so many things to explore! I am going to do many more!

  4. such a fun idea
    i imagine you are seeing things that you did not notice before
    my macro photography does that for me
    it is really wonderful and i am guessing: duck
    thank you for your lovely messages ~

    1. I certainly am noticing things I have never seen before! A whole new world has opened up! Thanks for visiting and for your encouragement!

  5. I am 'quackers' for these 'Who Am I' artworks Renee! LOL! Although I feel like a bit of a cheat having followed your blog almost from the beginning and remember so many of your wonderful photos! If you ever want to use one of my images for a 'who am I' you are most welcome ... the trick will be to see if I can figure it out! :)

  6. You really "quack me up", Terri! I would love to use one of your photos. When I get home from my trip, I am going to do another one using one of Maria's photos. She sent me one to do. Then, I would be honoured to use one of your photos. Do you have one in mind for me to use, or do you want me to choose one from your blog and surprise you?


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