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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Positively Mysterious and Inspirational...Who am I? No. 1

Who am I?

Last week a positively mysterious and inspirational situation occurred. I asked my students to use a magnifying glass to closely examine some nature photographs and then to draw the details and textures, instead of worrying about creating a realistic picture.  One student pulled a magnifying glass out of a bucket and discovered the glass was missing.  I suggested that she use the magnifying glass frame as a view finder and draw only what she saw in the frame.  She did such a fantastic job, that she inspired me to give it a try too.  I traced around the empty magnifying glass frame several times and then I placed the "new" view finder randomly on a nature photograph.  I not only challenged myself to focus on patterns and textures,  but also to only use pointillism.

I thought this might be an interesting series to do... give clues within the circles using patterns and textures, and challenging the viewer to closely examine the clues to make inferences about what the patterns and textures are representing.  I hope you enjoy this mystery!

I would love to read your inferences.  What do you think the patterns and textures are representing within the circles?


  1. The eye always leads to the soul!!! So, of course, I immediately jump to the eye and great horned owls BUT the other circles (to me) represent some of your previous drawings of trees and water ... which leads me to think of an owl you once photographed down at Police Point ... close to the river! :)

  2. what a great idea! I (think I ...) see leaves and soil, and also an eye, probably from a bird, and maybe water .....

  3. Thanks for you responses. I will not reveal the answer to give others a try!


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