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Friday, May 3, 2013

A Positively Refreshing Spring Art Walk

I have a Dream

Medicine Hat had its first Art Walk of the season downtown which was a positively refreshing way to welcome May.  The evening was cleansed by a sun shower and some wonderful local art.  The above photo is of a building I want to own.  It has gorgeous hardwood flooring, a magnificent chandelier  huge windows and three floors.  I have a gazillion ideas what to do with the building, but I need the courage and a good loan to make it happen.  Isn't the sky above the building glorious, especially with the buildings greeny- blue painted exterior?

At the Esplanade, our local museum and art gallery, there was a great opening of Joyce Yamamoto's art celebrating her life's art. I especially enjoyed her portraits, patterns and her pen and ink journal pages.  There were also hundreds of pieces of art from students from kindergarten to grade 12.  Do you see any of my influence in my students' art that was chosen for the School Art Show?

The following art is not from my students, but from another school.  Aren't the wire sculptures delightful?

The Art Walk lead us through many local shops and down the main roads of Downtown!

City Hall

The local red brick is so beautiful in the long rays of the setting sun.

Court House

Our boulevards are lined with trees and gas lamps.  The trees are just starting to leaf out!

Spring Leaves

On the Boulevard

The CPR Railway goes right through our downtown and separates the North and South.  Large booming sounds echo throughout the streets as the train cars are loaded, unloaded.

Big Bang

Across the tracks!

We ventured down through the walking underpass, which was built so people wouldn't have to cross the train tracks.  I haven't travelled on foot through the tunnel at night since my teenage years.  Don't tell my mom I did it.  It used to be a horrible and exciting experience!  It used to be very dark and grey and we were always so freaked out about going through the tunnel.  It was cold and smelled like urine and we always thought someone was going to creep around the corner and grab us.  We knew we probably should not go through the tunnel, but the idea of it was seemed very adventurous at the time.  Now it is well lit, painted white and clean.  A few local artists have begun to share their talents on the walls, they have called the display, "Tunnel Vision", clever huh?

Oooh, so dark outside.

Hubby waiting so patiently while I snap a few photos!

Times Have Changed.... Tunnel Vision

I couldn't resist buying more pottery water cups from Cactus Clay! A spectacular clay bowl, with lots of texture,  leaves, a butterfly and my favourite colour blue, was my most exciting purchase from Remenda Designs.    The potter is Dixie Baker.  I have about five pieces of her work. 
Here is my clay bowl that I bought.

It was grand to see so many friends and acquaintances on this evening! 
This artist's date was a positively refreshing way to start the first weekend of May!


  1. Downtown MH is grand and you have your eye's set on a beauty! I love the old buildings down there! There might be just a 'smidge' of your influence in your students artwork ... your students have wonderful pieces on display! And I'll be the first to admit I have YET to ever walk in that tunnel ... it freaked me out when I was younger! LOL! Perhaps this summer I'll get brave! :)

  2. We met a friend of ours last night who grew up in Medicine Hat, and last night was his first time walking through the tunnel!

    We used to run like heck through the tunnel, totally freaked out, so I know what you mean! LOL


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