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Friday, July 17, 2015

Positively Completed, #jfj15for30

Wow, now that I finally have a few moments and my internet is sort of working, I am able to post the completed art challenges that I participated in from the Journal Fodder Junkies.  The challenge was to create art in my visual journal for 15 minutes a day for 30 days. What a wonderful challenge it was!

I was introduced to new techniques and reintroduced to familiar but forgotten techniques.  Even though it is the craziest time of year to join an art challenge with report cards, field trips, a photography job for a nursing reunion, yard work, and other school stuff, I challenged myself to complete this challenge.

It helped me to focus, and prevented me from sleeping in exhaustion my entire June.  I found myself motivated to do other things as well with the energy this challenge created within me, such as practice the piano and guitar, organize my art supplies and plant some flowers in some forgotten deck pots.  Wow, who knew art could be such a powerful motivator?  I guess that is what happens when you clear out the brain clutter onto a page in your journal.

In the back of my journal, I made a list of all of the techniques that we were to try.  The great thing is the challenge introduced me to  techniques and not themes, so I never knew where the techniques were going to lead me to in the way of reflection.

30 Days of Challenges:
  1.  Watercolour backgrounds
  2. Squares and Rectangles
  3. Collage
  4. Words
  5. Circles
  6. Straight lines
  7. Fills
  8. Stencils and templates
  9. Free writing
  10. Watercolour pencils
  11. Windows and doors
  12. Watercolour textures
  13. Make lists
  14. Personal fodder
  15. Spirals, swirls and squiggles
  16. Observational drawing
  17. Painting with markers
  18. Shading and depth
  19. Page Cuts
  20. Coloured paper
  21. Masking
  22. Operative words
  23. Painting with string
  24. Tracings
  25. Self-portraits
  26. Translucent surfaces
  27. Tearing
  28. Drawn Text
  29. Connections
  30. Reflection
My Visual Journal

Watercolour backgrounds, squares and rectangles, words

collage, words, watercolour background, circles, straight lines, fills

watercolour background, words, stencils and templates, make a list, watercolour pencils watercolour textures

freewriting, circles, squares, rectangles, windows, textures, swirls

personal fodder, circles, squares, rectangles, watercolour textures, fills, freewriting

swirls, coloured paper (maps), painting with markers, words, operative words, windows

windows, personal fodder, squiggles, paint with string, words, fills, rectangles

shading and depth, operative words, words, personal fodder

tracings, operative words, textures, observational drawing

masking, tracing, observational drawing, personal fodder, words

observational drawings, translucent surfaces, tracing, watercolour background, words

connections, textures, fills, circles, squares, words, watercolour pencil, stencils, paint with markers, drawn text, shading and depth

reflection, cutouts, door, personal fodder


personal fodder, reflection

I am positively finished the challenge, but I am not finished with the techniques I learned in the challenge.  Now to figure out what other ways I can use the techniques I learned.


  1. Love all the journal pages, and what a great way to try out new techniques and effects. Have a great weekend, Valerie

  2. Awesome journal pages. It's always fun learning new techniques. Enjoy your weekend.:)

  3. I am so inspired by all of your work. Each page was filled with color and energy. Beautiful!

  4. Terrific journal pages! Very inspiring. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Terrific journal pages! Very inspiring. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Your pages are beautiful, wonderful details and colours!

  7. What an excellent challenge! It's like April poetry month. You push through and success!

  8. Beautifully challenged....beautifully completed! Positively amazing my friend!! ❤❤❤


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