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Monday, July 13, 2015

July is Positively Here!

July is positively here. We finally took our camper to the lake and I kayaked for hours.  I purchased a new kayaking PFD with my birthday money, and boy, am I ever happy I did.  No more ride ups, squishy breasts, and  a sweaty back.  This PFD is made for women, bigger on the top and way more adjustable than my last one.  There is mesh like material that let's the air through, making it way more comfortable in the +35 degree sunshine!

I was fortunate enough to find two different families of ducklings and a happy pod of pelicans.  

I think I scared the poor little ducklings of the first duck family half to death.  I kayaked into an area that was so shallow from the drought and irrigation, few people would be able to journey there.  The tiny ducklings swam for their lives through the weeds and even dove under the water only showing the wee tip of their tails or their tiny top of their cute little heads.

The second family of ducklings was commanded to march single file and follow the parade marshal to safety.  Don't they know I would never think to harm them?

I played tag with this pelican.  It would land in the water, I would kayak over to it and it would lit back its original position, the little stinker.

I did manage to locate a pelican pod of twelve, enjoying the sunshine with Canadian Geese, magpies, pipers and sea gulls.  They allowed me to watch them for quite sometime before they got suspicious and lit off into the direction that I started my journey at.

Over two days, I probably kayaked for over 6 hours.  On the second day, I had to go slow, my arm muscles being tight from day one and a very lumpy camper mattress.

I can't wait to kayak again on Wednesday!  I wonder what positively wonderful July discoveries I will make?

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  1. that all sounds so wonderful Renee!
    I wish that the birds knew who would and would not hurt them, deer too.
    so glad you are happy with your birthday purchase, someday i will have to do that for myself as well.
    sweet kayaking to you!


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