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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Home is Positively Where My Heart is!

Home is positively where my heart is!  We have had some glorious July summer skies!

I don't have to travel far from home to see beautiful sights.  There are beautiful things all around me!

At first sight, this brown dragonfly did not look that interesting.  But upon closer inspection, I have discovered it is beautifully coloured with reds, purples and blues!

Home is positively where my heart is!


  1. Renee, my wife would so completely agree. She is a school teacher and when summer rolls around she only wants to spend time in her garden and at home with her dogs. We are fortunate to live where we do, surrounded by so much beauty. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your comment about my village scene. There will be more with kids playing in all sorts of scenes. Such fun!

  2. Awesome that you feel that way about home! I also feel that way. Sometimes it is hard to get on a plane and go somewhere else.

    Your photos are beautiful Renee.


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