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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Best Things in Life Are Positively Free!

Positively Free
 "Positively Free" is an acrylic multimedia painting composed of many diverse papers in the background.  I used a water and glue mixture to paste campsite registration slips from my summer trip to Cottonwood Campground near Pincher Creek, Canon in D sheet music that I am currently practising for my piano recital in November, and a brown paper bag with pictures of antiques and old advertisements from last year's summer trip to Fort Macleod.  The tree has branches that curl this way and that and were inspired by the magnificent Cottonwood trees at Police Point, my yard, and my one of my favourite Gustav Klimt paintings.  I added two tiny people looking up who reminded me of when my sons were little looking up to see if they should climb the tree and build a tree fort to play army in their camouflage,  and also of how small I feel and look next to the ancient trees. I entitled it "Positively Free" because the items used were entirely free and I felt free to paint the tree however I wanted and used whatever colours I wanted.  The colours were inspired by the many colours of the fall foliage and dramatic autumn skies. I also feel so free when I am outside toodling the day away in the forest, listening to the leaves crunch under foot! Isn't that what the saying says,"The best things in life are free!"?

Step 1 and 2

Step 3





Look what my husband found, lurking near our garage amongst the cottonwood leaves!

Free To Explore

Born Free

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