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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Positively A Splendid Snowy Sunny Sunday

My son declared it was time to ride the quad outside,
My husband questioned,  "Why? You'll get all wet and muddy!"
I responded," Isn't that what quads and riding gear are for?"
My husband surrendered," Yeh, I guess so??"

I  had the itch to get outside and photograph the afternoon,
with the magnificent sun shining for the first time in over a week!

A Splendid Sunny Snowy Sunday

The splendid sun shining
 this snowy Sunday,
Every eave filling
 with water drips,
Mud forming
 all around
 us as we slip.

The summer flowers drying
 glorious blue
 against the white shimmering
Evidence that autumn
 is here
 and soon winter
I know.

A dragonfly lingering
still and dead,
in the blue spruce's
needles up

My son suiting
 for his wet
 my camera,
for capturing
this splendid

Snow chunks flying,
Water soaking in,
He tests his luck,
The quad gets stuck.

Wheels spinning,
Droplets scattering,
The engine roaring
over the tiny birds' chattering.

What joy
 he is having,
getting muddy and wet.

Making art
of fall leaves
and circling
round and round
the circles form,
it will still be beautiful
Monday morn.

The sunlight
 is perfect,
the sky
a mystical

The summer flowers
 their heads,
on this day,
of becoming

this splendid

I have now
 with you!

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 are soul property
Renee Dowling.
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