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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Positively, Just Look Out Your Window!

Just Look Outside Your Window
Even though my house isn't fancy or new,and many things are needing a good face lift or an all together replacement, there is absolutely one thing that I love about my kitchen and dining room. I have positively big windows that reveal a world of wonder.

With the rich yellows, greens,oranges, browns, reds and blues of autumn gracing us, I am eager to open my curtains in the morning to drink up all of the divine hues.

As I was making homemade waffles from a family recipe handed down to me by my mother-in-law, I glanced out my kitchen window and yelled joyfully, "Look, a blue jay. Derek and Bryan, there is a blue jay on the deck!!!" Now, many of you may say big deal, but I have never seen a blue jay on our acreage. After pleading with my son to watch the cooking waffles, I grabbed my camera, for once I had the right lens, and I snuck out my back flew to the nearest Cottonwood. To my delight, there was another blue jay. Of course, once they detected my presence, they flew off into the great big blue grey sky. Ugh, right lens, wrong timing.

Positively Blue

I returned to my kitchen, and continued to make waffles. Then to my surprise, I caught sight of one blue jay. After several minutes had passed, I exclaimed, "Hey, it's back. It is on my blue bird bath." I knew the moment I would open the door, it would say, "See you later!", so I compromised and took photos through my huge picture window in my dining room.

The jay enjoyed jumping knee deep in the leafy water, and performed proudly and briefly.

Once it tired, it hopped into a nearby bush and hid. I returned to the waffles, then took a quick peek out the window again, and the blue jay returned to my deck, then leaped to the bird feeder filled with sunflower seeds. I snatched a few photos through my large sliding glass doors, darn those spiderwebs. I just cleaned them a week ago. Once the jay detected me excitedly examining it, it flew off again. Oh, well! Gesh, I really need to clean those windows again! My photos today aren't so much about being a great photographer, but being positive, being positively grateful for those fleeting moments out my window.

As I was finishing up the waffle dishes, and gazing out my window, a song on my ipod, written and sung by a local musician and friend, Ron Mason, filled my ears with good advice, "Just look out the window, where does our precious time go? Some folks just let it slip away..." I reflected, "So true!" Then I looked out the window, saw how time had changed nature this week, grabbed my camera and headed outside to see if I could capture time. I never saw the blue jays again, but I did, for the very first time, pick up one of our scardy cat kittens, named Creamsicle, and petted her for as long as she could muster up the courage for! My friendly neighbourhood advice is:
1. Always have large windows in your kitchen and dining room.
2. Open the curtains each day.
3. Clean your windows, even if you say,"I don't do windows!"
4. Get outside.
5. Don't let time pass you by!
6. Positively, Just Look Out Your Window!

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