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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Time Will Positively Pass

Have you ever painted a painting and decided it wasn't finished, then put it away, pulled it out over time and then decided it wasn't very good or it didn't look finished?  It happens to me often.
This weekend, I purchased the cutest little cabinet and decided it was time to gather all of my art supplies and put them all in my art studio, aka, my dining room.  It was time to reorganize and purge. I was digging through my art desk and found an unfinished watercolour painting. I was about to cut it up to use in my visual journal, when I stopped and decided to add more layers. The original photograph was in black and white, but I decided to add colour.

The horse is Doc, the kindest, most curious horse we have ever had. He would follow us around like a puppy.  The boy is Bryan, my son, also curious. He was opening the gate to see if the horses would follow him around the corral. He liked to tease the horses, pretending that he had a carrot or a horse cookie in his pocket.

I am now pleased that I didn't cut this up.  I think I am starting to figure out layering and shading with watercolours.  I am glad that I let time pass and took the time to improve my skills and this painting.  It also allowed me to remember one very fun, sunny summer day, many years ago! Time did positively pass!

Happy Paint Party Friday!  May your days be art filled and may you continue to grow as an artist.


  1. A gorgeous important part of your history as a mom and an artist. Sure glad you didn't destroy it... Such a great piece...sounds like a lot of heart in this sweet painting!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Wonderful piece. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. I am so glad you still have this. It is a wonderful piece of memory.

  4. Beautiful! And a wonderful memory I'm sure. It's lovely :)

  5. this is such a lovely scene and painting Renee-so glad you chose to add some color and keep it!

  6. I am glad that you decided to re-work your painting - it looks great! And your story telling is marvelous, too.
    Happy PPF on a Saturday!

  7. Glad you decided not to cut it up but rework it. The painting is quite wonderful and precious because of all the memories that are associated with it.

  8. I adore this drawing. Yes, I often go back to my drawings and re-do things in them--or add to them. I see I'm in great company! Have a lovely day and Happy PPF!

  9. My first painting teacher told me to never throw anything out. I haven't and it's getting crowded in the big box! I love your story and what a sweet horse. They are so smart and want attention just like people. Wonderful!!


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