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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Positively a Naughty Kitty

Spring is in the air, even though the temperatures and snow say otherwise.  Painted Smile here in this photo is full of spring fever.  This weekend while I was doing more of the lessons for my Kelly Rae Roberts on-line art course, my cat was feeling left out and jumped on the table onto my canvases.  I have about ten canvases on the go and she was thinking I was spending entirely too much time with my fingers in the paint and not enough time with my fingers in her soft, cuddly painted fur!  She has never jumped onto the table before, that I know of, and her actions were a total surprise to me!  What a positively naughty kitty!

Before painting each day, we are instructed to write an intention.  Mine for Saturday was "Listen".  Listen to the colours that are calling me, listen to my inner voice that says, "Keep going!", "Stop and think!", "Try this", "I wonder what would happen if?"  Listen to my heart!

Here are some of the canvases.  They are going to be backgrounds for future projects.  After several layers of paint,  I used bubble wrap, stencils, ink sprays, pen lids, a fork, my fingers, spray bottles, paper towels, onion bags, rubber stamps, to name a few techniques!

The next step was to pick my favourite canvas and then start to collage, to make decisions quickly and place the paper within three seconds.

I chose a quote from Anne of Green Gables, two old atlas pages, some scrap booking papers, sheet music, a paper doily and a page of Chinese book, and an antique card. 

The next step was to use painting techniques to start to integrate the collaged papers into the background.  We were to choose two colours from the collaged papers that are calling us.  I chose the orange and green colours from the map.

The next step is too add another layer of collage, then paint, and keep adding layers until it is no longer fun, telling you it is time for another layer or it is time to stop!

Here I added two Canadian stamps, some rubber stamps, two shells, a starfish, another bird and a few more painting techniques.

The next stage is to create a horizon by using paint, collaged papers or ribbon... I am still deciding if I want to use ribbon and lace.  What do you think?

Once the horizon line is established, I will decide what words I will add and add finishing touches.  My ideas came to a screeching hault when I spilled my favourite blue ink all over my art table...  You will see that now many of the canvases have the blue.  I couldn't waste the ink and throw it out.  I even saved the paper towels to use in my collages at a later date.  I am sure my positively naughty kitten was watching me, secretly thinking, serves her right that the ink spilled, she has spent the whole day painting and ignoring me. 

Visit soon to see what final decisions I will make.


  1. Oh, looking very interesting all these canvases in progress. I love it when I have that many to choose from. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with them! And yes, I guess your cat is trying to tell you something ... ;-)

  2. Renee I do love your purples too! Your art is so expressive and full of light and energy. I was also very pleased to read your comment on my blog...about being more aware of orange around your house. Maybe you will do the same for me with purple:))

  3. These backgrounds are just beautiful-great inspiration, and the color combinations are lovely!

  4. That's wonderful Renee! I love this kind of free association art. You know, the unplanned kind which just sort of happens. That's why I love painting with Nick Bantock. He's very much of the moment like that. I definitely will check to see how they all turn out. :)

  5. your canvases are beautiful! I love your colors and designs.
    hope they were not wet when kitty jumped up.
    looks like you are having fun and accomplishing so much!

  6. These backgrounds are great Renee. Love your Cat.:)

  7. I love your backgrounds, the whole process sounds exciting Renee. Happy PPF, Annette x

  8. Oh Renee these are so gorgeous!! Even though you are taking a Kelly Rae class you have kept your own style.! That is awesome!!!... as for naughty kitty, I suspect it may be the smell of the newsprint that has enticed her! I'd move your art or the kitty out of the room before she gets any other unusual ideas of the litter box persuasion!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Wow that's awesome...vibrant creative and so cheerful :)

  10. these canvases all look wonderful. at least the ink was a pretty blue!! it's a great POP color :)

    love your kitty's picture!!

  11. Wow,Love your canvas,very beautiful.

  12. I missed this piece!!! It is beautiful. I adore your colours. X


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