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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Positively Live a Life That is Good, By the River

I prepared you yesterday to get on your rubber boots, I hope you remembered to put them on before clicking on this link!  This is the last post of "I Positively Live a Life That is Good" and these photos were taken at the South Saskatchewan River.

I don't know what these footprints below belong to, but I am sure if we encounter it we will find out in a hurry!

Well, I am glad you made it through the puddles and mud, but wasn't it worth it?

Above our heads, grass in the willows remind us of the flood we had last June!

Hoodoos on top of the cliff watch the river below.

In the east, cliffs of red proudly stand.

Trees lean in to hear the past's hidden secrets whispered by the cliff. across the mostly frozen river water.

Trees farther down the path giggle as the cool wind tickles their branches.

Cottonwood trees gracefully and hauntingly bend to the capture the echoes from the dale.

Branches curve and snap creating a broken heart of loves lost long ago.

The sunlight reflects cheerfully off of the winter ice.

Well, my five and one half hour adventure is done.  I hope you enjoyed the series of photographs throughout this week.  Follow me down the path, we will walk in the tall grass to clean off our muddy rubber boots, and then we will head to my home for a delicious cup of honey lemon tea to warm up our chilled bones.

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  1. yes i did enjoy my walk with you
    wonderful photos
    love the ones of the trees
    i also love my rubber boots ;-)


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