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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Positively Live a Life That is Good, By the Pond

I positively live a life that is good, continues from my Saturday adventure, which took place down the road to a large pond that was created near the river for fishing and kayaking.

With the above zero temperatures, mud is everywhere.  The mud even proved to be too much for the geese.  I saw one slip in the mud, just like I did!

Around the corner, in the middle of the pond, ice still remains.  I have never seen geese standing on one leg before!

Pairs of geese are throughout the land.  Many geese remain here throughout the winter.  When I was a little girl, geese always migrated south!

I am sure I heard this goose chant, "I think I can, I think I can!"

Summer leaves poke their heads through ice crystals.

Patterns in the road created by frozen water.

I positively live a life that is good, by the pond.

Put on your rubber boots and join me tomorrow for positively living a good life down by the river!


  1. The geese are coming north!!!! YEAH! There is something so magical about hearing and seeing their return, especially after a long, cold winter!

  2. Spring is coming! Love your photos Renee!

  3. what a wonderful series of a *positively good life*! i checked out your other photos - wow. Some fabulous shots there! The one of the coyote, omg... and those birds and clouds. Absolutely wonderful. i can sense spring in the air in these photos. Love it. Thanks for sharing! xx


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