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Monday, January 21, 2013

Positively Winter Fun!

One sure way of shaking off the January winter blues is to drag oneself off of the couch, bundle up and get outside. Yes, outside.

Saturday, my family ventured off to Rattlesnake Lake and tried our hands at ice fishing. The temperature was minus six degrees Celsius and the wind minimal.

It is hard to believe some fishers do this on a regular basis. It isn't an activity for those who get bored easily...the set up is quite time consuming. Drilling the holes...

attaching the spools of fishing line, attaching the smelts to the hooks, dropping the line into the quickly freezing holes...

setting up a fishing hut, getting the heater going...

setting up lawn chairs, gathering blankets, packing lunch,...

No plants, no fish, nothing

and placing the underwater camera into position are a few of the tasks "necessary" to fish in the winter.

Our fishing did not lead to any supper, but we did have lots of time to play...

snowball fights, wrestling matches, joke telling and...

sledding, boot skating, outhouse searching, and picnicking!

It sure took a lot of time to warm up afterwards, but nothing a heating pad, a warm blankey, a cuddle on the couch and hot chocolate couldn't resolve! We positively had some great winter fun!

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  1. Good on you guys for getting out on that frozen lake!!! Haha! I spent my youth, water skiing with my family on Rattlesnake Lake but I certainly can't say I've ice fished it! Dang ... that looks COLD! It looks and sounds like you and your family had fun! Here's to brighter days, more laughter and positive things! :)

  2. After a few hours, even temperatures around zero seem cold, that's for sure! Amen to brighter days full of laughter and positivity! No fish were harmed in the filming of this adventure!


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