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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Positively Exploring Visual Journaling

I found an awesome visual journal this summer that accepts all sorts of multi-media, including watercolour.  I decided it was time to try out the paper.  I used fabric dimensional paint for texture, fabric spray paint with paper and cloth doilies, tissue tape, a peacock feather, embossing tape, gesso, acrylic paint, paint markers, pencil crayons, plastic stencils, a black fine tipped marker to doodle, and rubber stamps ! 

I continue my theme of explore, create and reflect!

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  1. That is a wonderful page full of texture. I love your colour choices. It's great that you found a journal where you can use all these techniques in.

    1. Texture I have finally realized is so important! It is so much fun to feel art! I sat for a long time feeling all of the bumps, and even called my husband over to my art table. He humoured me, and actually felt the dimensional paint, but I am sure he left thinking,"Weird, look what I have to put up with!" LOL

      Thanks, Denthe!

  2. These works of art certainly brighten a dull day! The texture looks amazing ... if they were hung in a museum with a do not touch sign ... I'd get into trouble!

  3. Thanks, Terri. I would let you feel the textures. I'd have a sign, "Touching reserved for Terri Mappin only!" 00

    I got in trouble once at the Medicine Hat museum. I wasn't going to touch the Lauren Harris, from the Group of Seven, painting of the beeeeaaaauuuuutiful white iceburg against the glorious blue Northern sky. I was leaning in to see the details. The security guard said in a beat you up voice, "Mam, please step back. No leaning in." I was quite embarrassed because my students were standing around me, but I am not sorry for getting a close up glimpse, even if it was only for three seconds!

    1. Hahaha! Sounds good ... just make sure the same security guard isn't on duty! LOL!


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