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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Positive Goals

Well, now that I have finally started my new visual journal, I thought that I should set a few goals for improvement. 

I am "getting" the idea of layering and using texture, so now I would like to add people into my reflections. Here are a few of the people who have inspired me:

Excitement filled my heart doing this because I decided to do my favourite doodling techniques, then picked up my old pals, watercolour brushes and primary colours, to fill in the background, frames and the females...Oh, how I have missed my pals!  I really love this journal's paper, watercolour, cold press, 140lb, Strathmore visual journal, 22.9 x 30.5 cm.  The watercolour and water just floats on top, making the paint really workable!  $15.50 for 22 sheets, coil binding and a heavy duty front and back cover!

I decided to add a bit of visual texture by using pencil crayon and sequin waste.  Erasing the pencil crayon softened the texture's colour. 

I am going to keep exploring different faces, then eventually different bodies and stances.

With these positive goals, I hope to make my visual journal entries more dynamic and personal.  People have never been my thing, but one is never too old to try!

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  1. *sigh* ... how I wish I could've taken art in school!

    1. I just read about a lady who started drawing at age 51. So, it is never too late! If you want to learn, go for it! There are lots of youtube videos and great blogs to learn from. I bet you could draw when you were a little girl. For some reason, as we grow up our confidence disappears. When young children are asked if they are artists, they will say yes. By the time they reach grade six, most say no.

      Unfortunately, most of us view art as good if it looks like the real thing, but the best artists seem to be the ones who challenge that! My advice to you is go for it!

  2. Oh Renee, I love the page you made, with all the different figures in their frames. I'm honored to be one of your inspirations. If you want to make more faces, Ayala Art will start another 29 faces challenge in February, might be fun to join!

  3. Denthe, thanks for the encouragement! We are so lucky to have you sharing your art with the world. I imagine you have inspired many people! I might just have to join 29 faces again. It is getting easier to do faces!


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