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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Positive Thinking Inspiration

I showed my students the video and several colleagues...and even my husband. Each time I watch it, I can't believe the insight the little girl and the wise man have. It has been way easier to stop and appreciate the day when my 14 year old son, Bryan, is driving me around. Today I noticed one lovely tree in full bloom amongst a group of spruce trees in the Hillside Cemetery that I drive by each day. The contrast of the white blossoms and the deep green of the surrounding trees was breathtaking. Another gift of the day is the teacher I teach with, her positive attitude helped me to refocus my thinking to be more positive and encouraging! Right now, my snoring husband is kindly taking a break which has allowed me to stop and enjoy the sound of the rain as it scrubs the winter dust from the roof and siding, pushing winter away and cleansing our house making more room for Spring and her warm glowing sunshine. My principal this week should get a medal for all the work he has done to help a hurting girl and her family. I hope one day she will realize all of the great things the adults at our school are doing for her to keep her on a path of success and positive opportunities. Hopefully, the positive power will flow into her and she accepts our help! I love this time of year when young leaves peek out their heads to catch a glimpse of Spring and all of the possibilities of the season. My goal for the weekend is to start posting my art and photography. May the strength of positivity make tomorrow a day full of gratitude and wonder.

Meadow larks always inspire me each spring to get out and photograph them!

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