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Friday, April 14, 2017

Visual Journaling is Positively For Me!

Visual journaling is positively for me! I haven't posted much in 2016-2017, but I have been actively pursuing my goals of improving my art.  I have taken two art classes and have thoroughly enjoyed learning from them.  However, they always require precision and planning and lots of concentration. There are many times when I just do not want to fuss.  I want to embrace creativity, and be okay with just having fun and I give myself permission to explore and make mistakes, because my journal is a place for me to be me.

Here are a few things that I have been working on:
1. Improving in drawing faces, no pencil and erasing allowed, using shades of grey

2. Using my visual journal to express myself  emotionally with colour, text and illustrations
3. Using different media

4. Making mistakes and learning from them
5. Using ephemera from my daily life to help capture memories and feelings, experiences

If you have never tried visual journaling, and want to make art, but are afraid to ruin that expensive canvas or paper, visual journaling is perfect for you!  Visual journaling is positively perfect for me!

Happy Paint Friday!  Thank you for taking the time to leave specific comments.  I appreciate you!


  1. Your visual journaling is impressive. I see you enjoy to make it.
    Happy PPF and Easter ♥ (not sure if selebrated now)

  2. wow Renee-creativity is plentiful here! And it is all so wonderful! Drawing without an eraser scares me but I guess it IS a good practice. Love your thought provoking journal pages. Well done all around! Happy PPF!

  3. oh Renee, I love "browsing" through your journal with you! I love all of it, and I also like how you write down and draw the things that you learned. I need to start doing that too. Too often I try out a technique or a tip in my journal without writing an explanation. I don't want to count the times I've been staring at something in my journals and wondering how on earth I did it... I also like how you colour in between your faces. You've given me some great ideas. thank you!

  4. Well done Renee! I also love journaling in great, big, wild swathes of colour and movement that set me free from the confines of the small, precise ephemera. Keep on going my friend. This is how we turn small practices into our own expression of art. :D

  5. Your visual journal is truly you and it is amazing!!!
    Wonderful artwork~

  6. Lovely to have a safe place to explore. I think it is fun that you sometimes don't allow erasing. I tend to do that when using ink pens but not pencils. It was a joy to see your pages. The faces are full of character. Lovely weekend to you!

  7. Wow, Renee, thanks for allowing us to view your lovely faces and all the gorgeous pages in your journal. I will have to google "visual journaling" because I have no idea how that differs from just "journaling". You were right in your comment on my page. There are a lot of people I could name who DO know they are beautiful and have an attitude to prove it!

  8. Renee these pages are wonderful and exciting.

  9. What a great variety of pages!! I agree with needing to play freely without restrictions. Best way to find our own style...however instruction is so helpful too!! Great faces, wonderful variety!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Hello Renee... I'm so inspired by your beautiful journal pages. They're so honest and open, you've put your heart right into them and I love that you've shared so much of them. The faces you've drawn are so endearing. Cheers and thanks again for this sweet post :D)

  11. A wonderful inspiring selection of journal pages. The art journal is a great place to try techniques and to have the freedom to playfully create!!

  12. Lots of wonderful art this week. Love the faces.


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