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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Holidays are Positively Joyous

For me and I imaging for most people, holidays are positively joyous.  This week I celebrated my time off by completing some art.

This above multimedia piece was started in the fall in an acrylic painting class I took.  I missed one class, and never seemed to be able to catch up.  I am a slow poke when it comes to painting and I always seem to be the last one done.  Anyways, this painting has stood on my art desk begging to be completed since then.  Finally, I told myself to get it done so I can move on.  The part that was holding me up was the plant area.  To me it didn't belong, even though it was in the original photograph.  After many months of stewing and pondering, I figured out the problem.  When I drew the plant, I left out the rocks and that made the plants look like they didn't belong!  At last, the problem has been solved!!!

To add actual texture, we used different gel mediums that had things like glass beads and sand  to the rocks.  We also used molding paste, crackle medium and a few other mediums.  It was a bit challenging painting over some of the applied textures.  The trick to this painting was paying attention to the shapes of the negative spaces and not think about painting the rocks or the plant.

I love rocks because there are no two alike, just like people!

Here are a few more journal pages that I did this week.  I used washi tape to create sections.

This second journal page was completed for Sketchbook Skool's Drawing A Day Prompt: Flourish.

Today I was testing my rubber stamps that I made in Expressing, with Penelope Dullaghan, in last year's klass, but was left with a page of randomness to deal with.  My challenge was to make a bunch of random objects flourish together.  I ended up with this flourish page. I have an acreage and a bunch of barn cats.  The cats will do ANYTHING to flourish, even if it's going to make them look RIDICULOUS!

I hope you too had a holiday full of joy and art.  Happy Paint Friday to you!


  1. I really envy people who can draw rocks. These are amazing. I am so glad you finished it and shared it with us. Lovely pages as well.

  2. I've got time off work right now, but with a newborn in my arms I'm not getting much art done! Love seeing all of your work! Happy PPF!

  3. The rocks are so beautifully intricate, no wonder it was such a fascinating process! You can feel the joy in your beautiful journal pages!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Love the journal page, especially those kitties. Great rock painting, too, love the textures. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. Hello Renee, my word your rocks are so special... They're really 3D and you've captured the light and shadows between them expertly. I admire your skills. Glad you finished this painting, it's always such a good feeling to sign off on one that's taken its time. You should be well pleased too! Great journal art as well. Cheers and Happy PPF!

  6. Your rocks are so beautifully intricate and your journal pages are so colourful. Beautiful work.

  7. I think it was worth the wait as the painting has turned out lovely. The rocks look as if you could reach out and touch all that texture.

  8. All are wonderful! Especially I like your painting of the rocks! It´s fantastic!

  9. I love your piece today, and I especially love your top area of your blog! So interesting with all the bits and pieces and drawings. Also great tip about the negative spaces!

  10. That painting is beautiful, it almost looks like a photograph. Really 3D. Great work! And I like how you made sections with your washitape in your journal :-)


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