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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Winter can be such a positively lovely season.

Winter can be such a positively lovely season.  It gives us an excuse to hang around the house and enjoy things we like to do, with no pressure that you should be outside pulling weeds or cutting the lawn.  It is a time of renewing old relationships and setting new goals for the year.  My new goal for the year is to get out and socialize more and to spread my love of art and photography, to learn new things and encourage others to share and learn too!

What a lovely cold, hoar frosty day! 

I spent the day in my warm little cozy house with my special friends creating art. We ventured out for a stroll through the frosted trees. Burr!  It was cold enough to make our nose hair's freeze.  This is my nose!  Heehee!

We crept about the yard putting our footprints in the fresh fallen ice crystals, while we examined closely the frosted tips of the trees.

After they left, I stayed out visiting the trees and enjoying the skydiving frost. They must have been celebrating the new year!

I know there are a lot of pictures, put I just couldn't pick one.  Each moment the snow kept performing more and more!

Even though we have had a lot of hoar frost lately, each time we receive it, the day never looks the same.  The crystals were so thick today, it looked like cotton candy was hanging on the trees.  Yummy!

Winter can be such a positively lovely season.  

It was so cold, not one bird was in sight, not even on my new bird feeder.  Where do birds go when it is so cold?
(This was taken last week.)

Happy New Year to you!  
May your year be beautiful, 
sunny and bright, 
full of love, 
great health 
and new learning!


  1. i love those photos of the frost flying! you truly captured the magic and beauty! i love frost and photographing it, but one must dress warm because the magic of frost can capture ones attention and before they know it they are TOO cold.
    wishing you lovely winter days and goals come true.

  2. Same wishes to you...there is no snow here, not a single snowflake...


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