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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Art is Positively for the Dogs

My homework assignment for Sketchbook Skool was to do a quick 1 minute drawing of a dog.  The premise was that if you ask one hundred people to draw a dog no two will be alike because of their style of line and perspective, experience and technique.  So true.  I am one person, and each time my own dogs were different!

I couldn't stop at one dog.  The first dog sketches were pretty scary looking!  One minute is a big challenge for me.  A good warm up activity, though!

It was enjoyable adding humorous text and speech bubbles like Sabine, our art teacher, did, to express my thoughts about the dogs... or sorta dogs.  The more drawings I did, the longer I took.  It is obvious to me that I need to look at picture references at this stage of the game.  Baby steps right?  A few borders, illustrations and a little watercolour paint and pencil crayons were also added to spruce up the sketches.  I couldn't resist sketching my marker.  I kept trying to pick it up from my page!

Sabine is a professional artist and her advise is things do not have to be pretty but need to represent yourself.  You are the main ingredient.  She used to spend hours trying to figure out what her clients would want for their commissioned pieces.  She discovered that all they wanted was her, that is why they hired her!  Smart cookie!

I will have to try another time! Art is Positively for the Dogs! Ruff!


  1. I love how you blocked your pages into a montage of dog drawings, I also find it very interesting that each one of them is done in a different style from cartoonish to realistic. Thanks for the visit and blessings!

  2. Lovely...I like dog number 5 very much!!!

  3. I love to paint dogs - these are adorable.

  4. I am enjoying this class, too. I love all of your dogs...great sketches!!

  5. Your drawings of dogs look great. I can't draw animals at all.

  6. What a wonderful spread! I really like the layout, and I think you did great without reference photos. I think mine wouldn't even be recognizable as dogs .... ;-)

  7. I liked your experiment :) It feels like great fun. "Almost a Dog" looks like a scorpion.


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