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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Positively Good Advice

Katherine Hepburn once declared, " As one goes through life, one learns that if you don't paddle your own canoe, you don't move." Isn't that wonderful advice?

Part of Sketchbook Skool homework was to play with hand lettering.  I decided to paint a kayak instead of a canoe, as one of my new passions to to kayak.  When I first began, I would sit and wait for others to come kayaking with me.  I knew that the best time f day to kayak is early morning or after supper, but others don't always see the benefits of early rising or kayaking just before sundown.  I learned that I couldn't rely on others.  I had to gain strength to carry the kayak to the lake by myself and get in and out of the kayak by myself and paddle by myself.   With a cell phone in my storage bin, I felt safe and able to kayak on my own.

Metaphorically, I can totally relate to this quote.  I used to sit and wait for others to initiate and invite me to do things.  I used to wait for things to happen.  Then I learned if I don't do the initiating, I end up disappointed, bored...

My words of advice that I have added to my journal are:
" Initiate, invite, invent...
Waiting for others leads to boredom, self-pity, failure...
Paddle your own canoe (kayak) and you will continue to grow, learn, discover, enjoy life,
be excited about life, live life."

By following my bliss, new doors will open and good things will happen.

Katherine Hepburn gave such good advice!


  1. I do that too sometimes, waiting for a others to invite me, help me, carry me on...but I´m learning and trying to rely also on myself. We are strong!

  2. great painting and affirmation! I LOVE Katharine Hepburn-and even have a book that is just quotes by her:) Happy kayaking, and happy PPF a bit late!

  3. super inspiring words! Independent thinking and action is so empowering.


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