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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Positively A Blessing!

Today is my son's twenty-fourth birthday.  It is hard to believe that he is already that age.  He will be graduating from university soon.  He has already begun a new adventure of being a dad, and it appears that he is loving each moment.  He will be beginning a second new adventure by moving to the San Francisco area to work with an on-line live streaming company.  It was a big decision to make, but he will never have to say, "I wish I had given it a try."  I like his attitude of going for it!  I am so proud of him and all that he has already accomplished.  He has the courage to try new things, he volunteers to help others and he is able to take well-informed risks.  

On this day, I wish for him and all of you the Apache blessing on the above photo.  

The photo was taken yesterday from a new path that I have been walking on with my cousins and my youngest son, some of the people I have been blessed to know and love and support me.  

The teepee is the World's Largest Teepee and was erected at first at the Calgary Winter Olympics, and then later erected on the top of this cliff as a reminder of the contributions that the Native People have given to our history and community.

As the Apache blessing states, "May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life."

I wish for all of you that you take the time to appreciate all that is around you.

May you take time to enjoy and listen to nature, the sounds of rocks laughing as the water tickles them.

May you notice the sounds of ducks quacking and the whir of the wind through their wings.

May you take time to hear the loving protective calls of one duck to the other.

May you enjoy the splash of orange webbed duck feet as they take off for flight.

May you celebrate the colours of a robin on a mossy old post.

May you find pleasure in the snowflakes that land on your nose.

May you take pleasure and invest time to read and talk and sing with your children, making lifelong memories.

Planning what my next visual journal page will look like in Brooklyn's journal.

May you appreciate how well nature and human made structures can be so beautiful and inviting together.

May you  linger slowly on the way light dances on ice that hangs low to the ground.

May you become aware of the art sculptures that nature fashions.

May you allow the colours of the old seasons and the colour of the new to slow you down and relish in the splendor.

May you observe how you are impacting the environment and pick up after yourselves and your dogs, so others do not have to do it for you, and others can enjoy the places you have enjoyed too!

May you take the time to ponder about what others have done for you to make your life better.

May you make time to think about what you have done to make others' lives better.

May you accept this blessing for you, since you are positively a blessing for me!

Happy Easter week to you!

I dedicate this to:
 Valerie and Michelle, my walking buddies!
My sons who bring me light each day!
My family and friends who support and encourage me!
My husband who tries each day to make our lives better!
My granddaughter, whose life is just beginning and has her whole life ahead of her!



  1. You made me cry.......❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Awe ... what a lovely and very touching post Renee! 24 yrs old!!!! I know I will blink and be there all too soon! You have wonderful 'Young Men' taking leaps on their own but they've had amazing guidance all these years! San Francisco ... what an adventure (... and one that will require regular visits from the Grandparents with camera in hand)! Your images captured that beautiful blessing perfectly and your 'Lucy' is the splitting image of our 'Girlie' ... perhaps they are sisters!

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter week as well! Sweet blessings!

  3. a blessing post, so lovely and dear
    thank you for all your beauty that pours through your words and images
    wishing your son a wonderful experience and job in SF
    yes, our weather is fickle here too
    my ducks are no city ducks that let you creep up and sneak a photo
    one noise and off they go, wild ducks for sure, so i understand what you were saying.
    sweet week to you!

  4. oh Renée, i love this. The beautiful photos and that wonderful blessing was exactly what i needed right now. You live in such a gorgeous area. To be surrounded by such natural beauty is a blessing in itself, isn't it? And how wonderful for your son & his new move & life as a 'papa'! Exciting new beginnings... much love to you. xx


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