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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Easter Bunny Was Positively Shocked!

Snow was in the forecast, but at this time of year, one doesn't expect the snow to last longer than the time it takes to fall from the sky, hit the sidewalk and then melt.  Naturally, this morning when we poked our heads through the curtains, we were shocked to see the boughs of the evergreens heavily weighed down by wet, heavy sticky snow.

Needless to say, our Easter hunt looked a lot different this year. Bunny tracks led us straight to the barn instead of all around the yard.

The Easter bunny carefully scattered the treats in the barn on the haystack, under the quad, and in the tack room hidden under the saddles.

It is the first time that I can remember that the Easter bunny had to trek through snow to deliver Easter treats.  We were thinking he had to call Santa to help him deliver the goodies on his sled.

The birds had quite a discussion about the whole situation this morning.

Just yesterday the sun was shining, the open blue water complimented last year's sage and the green grass was beginning to show off.

We had a wonderful time at my cousin's birthday/Easter party.  Here is the envelope for her handmade card that I made.

Times are changing.  We have only one son home for Easter, the weather is different, but we had a good morning hunting for treats in the barn, walking through the yard in the snow and going for a walk down the gravel road.  We had a delicious breakfast made by my husband and this afternoon we watched a movie delivered to us by the Easter bunny, ate snacks from him too, it was wonderful to spend time together!

Even though the Easter bunny was positively shocked to do his job in the snow, he brought us happiness and reminded us what Easter is really all about.  New life, new hope, family and love.


  1. Absolutely, positively wonderful:)

  2. Hee hee! A wee lil' part of me smiles seeing snow back home! ;) Moisture, moisture, moisture ... that's never a bad thing but sorry the Easter Bunny had to hop in the white stuff! At least this time of the year it leaves as fast as it arrived! Beautiful images and wonderful words again! I hope you and your family had a fantastic Easter ... it sounds like you had a great weekend!


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