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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Positively Black and White, Day 3

I have an obsession over my antique Underwood typewriter.  It began when I was a child.  I was fascinated with the beautiful black typewriter and the shiny silver framed keys.  The small circles of the keys and the font appealed to my senses, and encouraged me to spend many hours typing my name and letters, and provided me with many ideas to stretch my imagination during play time.  I often had races to see how fast I could type, getting frustrated when the keys jumped or got stuck.

When I began exploring journaling, I noticed that many people were printing of messages from their computer printers with old typewriter font.  I asked my mom about the typewriter and she gladly gave it to me.  It is more convenient to use than a computer printer, and I can get instant results without having to wait for things to power up and load.  There are no jamming papers, no error messages, no plug in the battery messages!  Easy.

I took these photos a while ago, but I often find myself viewing them.  I feel like I am back in time, as a undercover reporter or a journalist.

On the day I took these photos, I had a chance, split second encounter with a great blue heron.  I remember the moment well.  On the paper, I typed a message about the encounter.

As I closely examined the typewriter that day, my imagination went wild and I started to see bird like features on the typewriter.  Can you see the resemblances?  Or am I just Loonie?

I saw a beak.

Nothing beats the bends and curves of this little beauty!

I saw wings. 

I saw long thin legs.

I saw wings spread out as if in flight.

This little typewriter is an important symbol to me.  I love the scars from the past, reminding us even with imperfections, we are still useful and beautiful.

I have been nominated to participate in a black and white photography challenge by a fellow blogger, Terri Mappin. I am to post one black and white photo for five days and am also to nominate a person to participate in the challenge each day.  Since it is for fun, don't feel you have to participate, but I nominate Tammie Lee today.  I hope you have fun finding things to photograph in black and white, or at least edit the photos into black and white.  After all, black and white can be positively extraordinary!

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