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Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Positively Enjoyable Afternoon With My Son, Black and White Day 4 and 5

This is the final day of the black and white challenge, but I have to admit, I will probably be taking more black and white photos because this was really fun.

The day began as an early day with my husband leaving really early in the morning to watch a rodeo. Wide awake, or so I thought, I got out of bed to catch up on a few shows that I had waiting for me on my PVR. I found myself dozing off for a long fall nap.  I awoke at 1:30 PM!  Say what? That happened to me two weekends in a row.  I am usually an early riser, but for the last four weekends have found myself up really late, so I guess, I needed the sleep.

When I looked outside, the wind was blowing at a pretty high speed, so I convinced myself to stay inside.  By the time I finally motivated myself to get mobile, the wind was beginning to take a breather, and I decided to pop outside with my camera.

My son had just arrived with a motorcycle that my father-in-law decided to give to him.  The motorcycle has a long history on the farm, and many stories of all sorts of people's  riding adventures. Jeff's 80 year old grandma, Nana, piggybacked on the back of it one night.  We will not mention what happened, but let's just say, we all went running to see if she was okay.

Just before our wedding, Jeff and I crashed up against a bunch of rocks, left in the ditch by a farmer, and off we went, not a scratch to us, but a slight jam of my ring into my engagement ring finger.  I woke that night with a horrible pain in my left arm, all of the way up to my shoulder.  My mom took me to emergency, and it turned out to be tendinitis.  I ended up missing my University graduation.  It was very painful, I couldn't even stand driving across town for ten minutes to get to the mall, let alone driving for an hour and a half to get to Lethbridge.

Anyways, I thought it would be awesome to take some shots of my son driving the motorcycle for this black and white challenge.  I am so glad I went out.  We both rode the motorcycle and our quad for a few hours, taking turns with each, driving up and down our road and through the pasture!  What fun, and yes, we both are safe and sound!

After taking several photographs of my son with my short lens, I decided to change my camera lens to my longer lens.  As I was changing the lens, I thought I heard a bluejay, so journeyed to my backyard to take a photo of it.  To my surprise, I looked up into one of our Cottonwood trees close to my house and there was a GREAT HORNED OWL!

For a change, my timing was impeccable!  I had the right lens.  I hoped the owl would not lit from the branch before I got close enough in the low lighting.  Fortunately, my son, zooming by on his motorcycle, did not scare it off.  I signaled to him to stop and we both watched the owl look at us for a while!  AWESOME!

I feel fortunate to have a teenage son who doesn't mind spending the afternoon riding on the quad and motorcycle with his mom.

What a positively enjoyable afternoon doing my favourite things, being with my son, being outdoors, driving a quad and a motorcycle, photographing and watching my favourite bird, a GREAT HORNED OWL!  Life is good!

Thanks, Terri Mappin for the challenge!

 I really enjoyed it and the fun things that came about because of the challenge!  You inspired me to take a photo of the pesky dandelion! And I am glad I did!

Here is a fall flower for you!

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  1. such an awesome gift, a motorcycle
    inspiring all sorts of memories
    and new adventures
    how wonderful that you two go to share the owl experience
    i love how for the most part owls just look at us and don't take to flight
    such a gorgeous creature
    and how fun that we both had an owl in our week! Your photos are wonderful.
    B&W really is great through your lens.


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