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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Positively Norman McLaren

I recently discovered a new app from the National Film Board, featuring the art of Norman McLaren. Norman used to create animated films by cutting out shapes and slowly, one by one, move and photograph them.  This app allows us to create a stop motion animation video without having to cut little pieces of paper and photographing them.  The app also has other processes that Norman McLaren used to use to create whimsical videos.  This is my video called, The Easter Bird.  I celebrate the inventiveness of Norman McLaren!  Have a positively creative Happy Easter!


  1. Love your Easter Bird. Happy PPF!

  2. What a cool video! The selected music went perfectly with it. Yes, I agree that my crazy figure from the rug looks like Yosemite Sam. I had not thought of that till you mentioned it.

  3. Brilliant! Now I want to play around with this app!

  4. Try the app out, you will truly enjoy it!


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