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Friday, April 25, 2014

Lucy, A Positive Welcome

I Love Lucy

Meet Lucy!  The moment I saw her laying in her kennel at the SPCA and heard that her name was Lucy ( I Love Lucy is one of my all time favourite comedy shows), I knew she was the puppy for me!  We have adopted her and have welcomed her into our acreage home!

Our dog Lucky, died last winter of old age.  She was 17 years old, and we had her since she was two. She was a stray dog and we took her in to our family.  My son named her Lucky because he thought she was lucky to finally have a home.  She was a wanderer, and never could be let off of the leash. A good dog, but not the typical farm dog that could be left unleashed and trusted to stay home.

Lucky at Drumheller

Once Lucky was gone, we adopted Tucker, a husky, last summer.  He was a birthday present to me, but we only had him one month.  His name should have been Houdini.  He just could not be trusted in any enclosure, he would always escape and take off.  He loved to run, as most huskies do. He managed to twist the chain link fence of his dog run. This little stunt brought about his demise, as he was hit by a vehicle and died in the ditch in front of our acreage.  We searched for him for a month, posting pictures with the RCMP, visiting neighbours, walking and driving up and down the dirt roads, visiting all of the places that we took him.  It was indeed a very sad day when we found him in the ditch.  We buried him facing north, facing his ancestors' traditional home.

Tucker, So Proud

Since then, there has been a void in our family.  I haven't had a photography traveling companion, and a good friend.

After our Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday, we adopted Lucy.

Come, Lucy!

Lucy comes to me when I call her name, and so far, has been trustworthy to run free!   A dream come true! Well, almost a dream, she jumps up in excitement.

 She has made friends with our horses and she loves to run and explore, but stays in on our property.

Lucy Meets the Horses

A video to show Lucy making friends.

She is gentle with the cats and she doesn't bark and whine.   Here she says hello to Painted Smile.

Off the lease and exploring yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday, we explored the corrals and the pasture.  She loves the water.

We spent a lot of time sitting and exploring the dugout.  Look what we found:

Leopard Frog

Lucy loves to stick her head into the unknown!

Being a 7 month old puppy, she enjoys a good chew on branches and basically anything crunchy!

Lucy found every puddle on the acreage.  It rained the night before, and with the snow finally melting, a puppy paradise was created!  Lucy blows bubbles under water!Listen to the sounds we heard today:

Last night we journeyed down the irrigation canal road, ouch, she needs training walking with a leash.  At times, she pulls a lot and walks in front of me and gets all twisted.  Other times she is gentle, or may refuse to walk and puts on the brakes.  Oh well, there is plenty of time for training!  Here are a few sites on our "walk", or should I say "Pull!".

Meadow Lark

Meadow Lark in Fight

Overall, a grand day with my puppy, Lucy!  

Did I mention, I Love Lucy!


  1. Awe ... I am so sorry to hear about Tucker but so pleased to see your new "Lucy" girl! Congratulations on your new 4-legged travelling partner! When you are used to having one at your side, one does miss them! We lost our dear Gambler (the blk labX we had adopted a few yrs ago) back in the fall due to an illness, leaving our poor HuskyX very sad. Somehow, we managed to adopt 2 girls to keep him company! We have a blk lab and a lab/pyreneesX. Chaos reigns out our house but it is an absolute hoot! The girls are beautiful and our Husky boy loves his gals! Add to growing boys and farm mud in the mix ... WOWZERS! LOL! Enjoy spring Renee and all of its glory! I love seeing this land of ours burst into life and colour once again!

  2. Aw, we love Lucy too! Robert and I just looked at all three videos and now we want dogs too! We're so between dogs right now and have been for about six years since we both lost his flat coated retriever cross Atlas and my malamute Hunter, but feel that our lifestyle isn't good for having a dog between two countries. (sigh) We so have to figure out where we want to live when we grow up! I hope you post a lot of photos of lovely Lucy.


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