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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Positively Homemade Waffles

Waffles, ah waffles!  There is nothing like homemade waffles for breakfast.  Well, let's face it, I enjoy waffles any old time!

Dripping with syrup, sometimes with fruit smothering the top, other times with fruit on the side.  Ah, waffles!

Regardless, waffles are positively delicious, especially when the recipe is handed down from a family member!  I received this waffle recipe accompanied by a waffle maker as a wedding gift from my mother in-law.  She made this recipe every Christmas morning!  She wanted me to have the recipe so I could also make the waffles for her best son, my husband.

We don't reserve the recipe for Christmas, the waffles are just too tasty!  I have shared this recipe with my students, they drool over them.

Sometimes when we make waffles in my classroom as a math/fraction lesson, it is the first time students have tasted homemade waffles! The store bought, toaster waffles are the only kind of waffles they have sunk their teeth into.  One boy told me he would refuse to eat the waffles, because he hated the disgusting, soggy and somewhat burnt waffles his mom made (store bought).  But, once the scent permeated the classroom, and other classmates were devouring the waffles, he decided to give them a try.  Guess what? He came back for seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths... I had to cut him off!  He asked if he could take the recipe home and asked where he could buy a waffle maker for his mom.  Isn't it great when you can open up a new world for others?

 I have the recipe in a small frame hanging in my kitchen as a tribute to my husband's dear loving mom!   I decided to journal about it and share with you!

Here, have a bite! I hope all your waffles are golden brown and warm.

We had to replace our waffle maker.  We replaced it with an old fashioned cast iron waffle maker that we found at a garage sale for three dollars!  Once I figured out to turn the temperature dial to the middle at 4, the waffles haven't stuck to the maker at all!

Enjoy this positively wonderful, never fail recipe!  You may want to add a sprinkle of cinnamon... Now don't get me started on delicious cinnamon!

Since we are on the topic of breakfast, look what I saw this morning before breakfast!  Northern lights! What am I doing up at 4:00 am?  Remember, I just got a new puppy?  Puppy needs to figure out when and where to go to the potty.

I happened to look out the window after cleaning up after her, and voila, there were the northern lights.
They sky was so clear, the frogs were chirping, the meadow larks were singing, the ducks and geese were visiting, my cats were meowing, my family was snoring, and my dog and I were outside watching the northern lights!  I am still figuring out how to take the night sky pictures, but here goes nothing!

And then a sunset appeared, and Lucy (my puppy) and I went back to bed.  What a sleepy day I had.  My students were wondering why I was so loopy and giddy...over tired...but worth it!!  This makes up for missing the lunar eclipse due to cloud cover, I would say!

Enjoy the waffles and your breakfast sunset!


  1. Oh beautiful photo of the northern Lights. I have only once visited Canada and I do remember the waffles as being delicious, in the UK they don't taste half as good. Perhaps I should try and make them. In Scotland we have pancakes which are much thicker than the crepe like version and made from a similar batter but they don't have that waffle crunch! Great drawings too Renee!

  2. hello Renee,
    I love what you did with the recipe, such a gorgeous recipe in art. That would be an awesome sort of recipe book to pass down to someone.

    Wow, the northern lights, wow! So beautiful! I have never seen them, perhaps i need a puppy ;-)

    I do have a dog in my life, she is over a year old now, so i guess no longer a puppy, her name is Lucy also. My friend named her after my grandma.

    sweet days and nights to you!

  3. Hmm, that sure looks yummy! Love the story of the boy in your class :-) And imagine having to get up at night for whatever reason and then seeing a sight like those northern lights. Wow!

  4. *Drool* I love waffles, and yours look delicious! The way you drew and painted the waffle in the recipe is just perfect. I have had so many waffles in just that shape! (Well, quarters of waffles - but you know what I mean!)

    If you ever get a chance, try waffles with wild rice in them. I know it sounds strange, but they're amazing!

    You may have just inspired our Saturday morning breakfast! :D

  5. Oh lucky you to see the Northern Lights... and you captured them beautifully. Along with your waffles that I can practically smell here in Australia. :-)

  6. Wow.. these photos are amazing. Love your beautiful artwork, too. Wonderful! :)

  7. Aww...I can taste those waffles, yum. Love your photos of the Northern Lights.

  8. gorgeous sky shots Renee-thank you for thinking of us whilst we were sleeping- at least I was :) Love your wonderful illustrations. Never had a waffle maker. My hubby tends to prefer pancakes-which he requested from me for tom. AM-with blueberries!

  9. Yumm I haven't had homemade waffles in years, yours look so good! I love the pictures of the northern lights and sunrise, lucky you to live in the north!

  10. What a rich and tasty journal you create. Waffles, puppies, northern lights -- thanks for sharing your treasures.

  11. Wonderful photos, I would love to see those Northern lights! Love your art work too, and I think I might just get my waffle maker out of the cupboard and use it! Valerie

  12. Great post! I enjoyed seeing your waffle art. Your "new" waffle iron looks like the one I have used for about 55 years and it still works. Great shot of the northern lights.

  13. smashing post and loved your waffle artwork. Fab photos as well. Happy PPF, Annette x

  14. Waffles looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe. :) Wonderfully illustrated as well.

  15. Yummmm.... you made me hungry!!! What a great journal you have! Patsy from

  16. Ah Renee ... I must apologize! Busy trying to seed and calve cows, I never seem to get thru everyone's blogs that I love to follow! I just wanted to say ... awesome AURORA! So happy you got out and enjoyed the night sky! Your waffles look delicious!!!

  17. this is yummy, that,s why i love waffles


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