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Friday, May 16, 2014

Positively Mozart

Mozart was the first composer that I was introduced to in Grade 12, many moons ago.  The first note I heard, twisted my heart into a music rainbow, and I fell instantly in love. The movie Amadeus was in theatres, one of my best friends, a piano player, gave a Mozart music concerto performance around the same time, and another friend's dad had the soundtrack to the Amadeus movie that he copied for me on cassette.  Yes I know, now I have dated myself!

Coming from a family of country music enthusiasts,  Mozart was not a welcomed guest at first.  My mom used to cringe when I played Mozart as I was studying for college.  It had the same effect on her as my sister's heavy metal music had on her.  She told me she wanted to cover her ears and run.  Happily now, she enjoys classical music on occasion.  I guess I may have planted a musical seed in my earlier years.

I am still a huge fan, and am currently making my way through a piano book of Mozart's compositions, at the easy level.  I have been taking piano lessons for three years now, what a mental workout.  I hope Mozart doesn't mind my version of his music!

With my latest piece of art, I wanted to show you what I hear when I hear Mozart's music.  The music is Divertimento in E flat Major, for strings trio, K563: VI Allegro.

I hope you enjoy the steps.  To apply the paint, I used a variety of tools, my fingers, paint brushes, bubble wrap, pen lids, sequin waste, a spray bottle, and a fork,  to name a few.   Turning the canvas every few minutes helped me to let go and just have fun.

Here is a YouTube video with my art and the music it was inspired by!

Here are a few close-ups!

Happy Paint Friday!

I am positively grateful for Mozart and am totally inspired by his passion and gift of music!


  1. A wonderful array of colours and patterns, like a sunburst. Love it. Valerie

  2. Love the movement and the colours Renee. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. Ah Renee ... music to my ears and candy for the eyes! I grew playing the cello, violin, flute and trumpet! I love classical music and this piece of artwork is truly a ray of spring sunshine! You might actually have to take your brushes outside and PAINT SPRING!!!

  4. I love such a huge array of music including this... I love new indy, folk, all the way to some I can relate. Also played classical piano so I understand you working through the books...good for you!! It's very relaxing. Love the art created with your music...very pretty!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Fantastic Renee ...I love how you describe being entranced by this piece and by mozart I love Bach and find when I need. Calm and space it helps me breathe. Loved watching your progress shots. The bright washes of colour are beautiful. Thanks for the lovely comment...also musically themed made me smile all morning.:)

  6. I love your colors, they are so alive and happy
    and sweet playful designs. So fun how you create to music. I might have to try that some time.

  7. I love how you let the music guide you in your painting. It is an uplifting piece of music, and the joy and lightness of it is beautifully reflected in your painting. Wonderful work!

  8. I love seeing your creative process unfold. Great job!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your art and the music that inspired it. I love Mozart too and often listening while doing art. Your painting is stunning and I LOVE the color choices.

  10. Hi Renee. I'm a fan of Mozart as well and your painting fits perfectly with the violins. Just awesome, great color. Thanks for stopping by my PPF post. Have a wonderful week.

  11. How amazing, I could see how the music progressed your lovely artwork. Thank you for this very enjoyable video. Your musical art is fascinating and beautiful.

  12. Fabulous work, and great inspiration :)


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