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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Positively Little Surprises

It was scheduled to rain all weekend and surprisingly, we have had days of warmth and sunshine!  I have been rising early and sitting by the dugout and have had several surprises.  A little weasel popped its head out of the long grass and said hello.  Two ducks flew in and landed very closely to me.

My weekend of surprises began Friday morning with a wonderful little gift.  A girl, who attended my watercolour workshop last week, was waiting for me outside my classroom door with her mother.  The girl and her mother told me that after the watercolour session, the girl's grandma took her to the art store and bought her watercolour paint, paper, canvases and watercolour pencils.  Every day since then, the girl had been watercolour painting.  She left me a piece of art from the heart, as a thank you for teaching her!  I gave her a big hug and told her I would display it right next to the Canadian flag in my classroom!

The surprises continued, at home. After all of these years waiting and sitting by the dugout waiting for ducks to land and swim and entertain me, it finally had happened when I wasn't even looking.  I was watercolour painting and suddenly heard a sound, and low and behold, there was a pair of ducks, splashing about and swimming towards the shore where I was seated.  Of course, my camera wasn't ready, but at least I have a good memory!

The weekend before the same thing happened, but with two Canada Geese!  I am starting to feel like a fowl whisperer!

This morning my cat had something in his mouth.  He brought it over to show me his prize.  It was this little fellow, smaller than my thumb, so I shall call him, Tom Thumb!

The white spruce tree in my side yard is displaying young purple soft cones about the size of my thumb nail.  How perfect and beautiful in pattern and texture!  The scent of spruce filled my head!

This morning what started as a little plan of meeting my sister for her birthday walk with our dogs, turned out to be a day of fun with my son, husband, mom and dad and a surprise visit with my father-law and my son's football coach. Walking, kayaking, visiting, wiener roasting and good old fashioned visiting, followed by me finding a goose egg floating in the water, all contributed to today's little surprise pleasures! I have never seen a goose egg before, nor have I held one.  It was surprisingly heavy and large. When I placed the egg in between my two hands, I couldn't totally enclose the egg.

We also had the pleasure of watching about 35 little goslings swim and play!.  So yellow and fluffy!

This long weekend has been filled with lovely little surprises!


  1. you do take wonderful photos Renee! Poor little tom thumb ,was is he ok? I hope so!

  2. what beautiful photos... of course, i especially loved the ones with all the little ducklings... so beautiful with their little yellow heads! Thank you for sharing this with the world. :-) xx

  3. What a lovely, happy post.
    I'm glad you were able to rescue the little fellow from the cat and how marvellous to see so many goslings, so adorable.

  4. oh my goodness, such a splendid day you had!!!
    I am so happy for you and loved reading of your finds and experiences.
    What is Tom Thumb? Not a mouse, I just can not tell.
    And a goose egg in the water is unusual, what did you do with it?
    sending a bright hello!

  5. thank you for letting me know, so kind of you.
    i hope this finds you well and i wish you a lovely weekend.

  6. Holy smokes, what a wonderful weekend you've had! Was Tom Thumb still alive when you got to him? It looks like it. That would have been one lucky little Tom. Love the fresh new pine cones and the little goslings. This morning I went for a walk by the ocean and a small lagoon. A great blue heron landed near the lagoon and was completely swarmed by red winged blackbirds who wanted him out of there. The heron lasted about two minutes and flew off. Love watching the birds. :)


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