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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Positively Numen 2

Numen...  I believe that numen occurs in those little unexpected moments.  Last week I was lured outside by a sunset of pinks and yellows and blues and greys and dramatic powerful fluffy diagonal Chinook clouds in the west. One sudden glance out my dining room window as I was painting a new piece, was enough to cause me to pause, drop my paint brushes and venture outside with one of my best friends, my camera.  

Once outside, the western cloudy sky had transformed and a creature in the southern sky began to reveal itself diverting my attention from the sunset.

One quick turn to the east, the deep blue sky once again diverted my focus.

How can so much be happening in one winter sky?  In the west, the spectacular sunset captured my attention, in the south the clouds formed fantastical creatures, in the east the bright rising moon in the skies of turmoil was exhibiting its beauty,  and finally back again to the east, the skeletons of summer with the fading sunset light breathing life through them, unexpectedly revealed moments of numen.

The patterns of branches like arms reaching for life in celebration, all sharing the space, and smiling in delight as the day's sun began to prepare for bed, took my breath away for a fraction of a moment. The Chinook wind was whipping my winter scarf against my long black wool coat, but for a brief moment all stopped and the beauty of the outreaching branches made the wind temporarily stand still...numen? An unexpected momentary peace among the chaos surrounded me. Yes, positively numen!

Thank you, Tammie Lee for hosting this numen challenge!  You have managed to connect us to people around the world, what a gift!  Beauty does indeed flow.


  1. Stunning skies, Renee. I am especially fond of the last two photos with the tree silhouettes. Beautiful rich blues.
    Nice to meet you, sus

  2. Wow! I can clearly get the numen within your photos!
    Great atmospheric collection!

  3. FINALLY catching up on your blog Renee! WOW! I think you need to look into adding 'writing' as one of your creative outlets! You are always so eloquent with your words and I am in awe of how easily the words seem to flow from your mind and finger tips! Reading your blog is always like picking up a delightful short story! You clearly captured numen in your recent posts!

    Your Christmas gift creations ... what amazing creativity and such wonderful treasures for your family! Your depth of creativity is so wonderful! Children are so fortunate to have you as teacher! So glad to see you back and sharing once again!

  4. Wow, blush blush... I am floating on air from your compliments. Thank you so much. You are a wonderful mentor!


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