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Positively Numen 1

Tammie Lee, a fellow blogger, challenged us to find numen in the world, a divine presence.  Numen, in my own definition,  is the moment when you see something in nature and it takes your breath away, often bringing a tear to your eye and a shiver to your soul, reminding you to be thankful  for being alive in this beautiful world.

These numens are inspired by our warm west winds called Chinooks in Alberta.  The warm moist wind originates off the west coast over the Pacific Ocean.

The wind flows over the mountains, leaving the moisture, and then flows across the prairies, melting the snow and drying up the prairies.  A Chinook arch forms, showing dramatic colour, light and forms.

Usually, a few days later, things cool off and the snow returns. On the way home from Calgary tonight, my husband humoured my numen desires, and pulled over so I could capture the drama.

These following photos were taken last weekend at my house several hours south of Calgary, where the
dramatic clouds billowed and changed with every blink of an eye.

Chinook wind was wickedly whipping the snow around.

It felt like it was raining as the snow was being lured to the clouds above.

I am positively grateful for Tammie Lee's inspirational numen challenge.  See you tomorrow for more positively numen 2.

|In the meantime, here is a little snack until we meet again.


  1. The colours in the first photograph look really different compared to how they look on my computer file. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  2. Powerful and gorgeous images..fantastic shots..love the pink-lavender skies and beautiful sceneries! Magnificent post! and yummy treats..one for me please!

    1. You can have more than one treat. Thank you visiting and joining me as a follower! I am looking forward to getting to know you!

  3. gorgeous
    most certainly can feel the spirit of this divine beauty
    and wild activity
    it was wonderful to read about chinook, i often felt that i did not understand what it was
    and the snow being pulled up into the sky, i have never seen that
    thank you for sharing these amazing photographs!

    1. You are very welcome. Thank you for the inspiring challenge, Tammie.

  4. Being a west coast gal, I don't experience your skies. I have heard of them. Your sky IS the 'land' scape per se. Oh thank you so much for sharing these images. You've just presented numen to me in the most glorious of visuals. Just breathtaking (even without the wind, or cold, or frost taking the breath naturally.) Loved this post, and yes please, may I have two cookies? Norma, xo

    1. You may have more than two cookies, Norma! I can make more! Than you for your kind words and for visiting. I love the west coast, and am hoping to return for a visit soon.

  5. even me, who can just experience the numen in your surroundings through your beautiful shots feel the overwhelming power of it,together with your words in both numen 1 and 2 it was like i was standing next to you, i could clearly feel it, thanks, x

  6. i have to agree with you, such drama in the skies!
    whether to believe or not, there's true divinity in there.

  7. Wow! Your photos are incredible and I agree to the drama skies also and I can real see and feel
    the power of Numen here and love to loose myself in this powerful pics.
    Nice to meet you!
    Barbara Bee

    1. Thank you for coming. I am glad that the experience was as powerful for you as it was for me!


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