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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Positively Patient

Just when I was on a blogger roll last week with four entries in a row, my computer started to act up, so I have been patiently awaiting for the day when my computer is fixed. I wish the technicians would listen to what I have to say...they fix certain aspects, then give me a list of things to do, then the computer doesn't synchronize properly, and my documents disappear...networks...good for some things, not so good for others.

I have been collecting photos and ideas, but haven't had a computer to get things rolling again...oh well, maybe tomorrow. I did figure out that there is a Blogger app, so I am going to try this now...can I insert a photo while on the iPad...?

Hmmm, let's see...

By George, I think I've got it.... Being positively patient may have just paid off.

The deer photo was taken a few weeks ago, near my son's school. The deer and its friends were lounging in a yard of a house nearby.

The Santa is one of my oldest son's decorations that he made many years ago... I think in daycare...

Tomorrow I will have to try this app again, if my computer isn't ready... I will think positive thoughts and hopefully, my wish will come true. In the meantime, thanks for being positively patient with me!


  1. Wow, beautiful deer! Must be strange to have them so close. That little Santa is so endearing. Hope your computer gets fixed real soon, it's a pain when that happens, I know .... Good for you that you have an i-pad ☺

    1. The deer around the city are plentiful and feel free to wander and lounge where they like! The deer was in the yard at 8:15 and was still there at 3:30 when I left the school!

      The little Santa brings back a lot of memories...I love the positioning of the facial features... Somewhat like Picasso!

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I so do enjoy hearing from you!

  2. Thank goodness I am not the only Mom who has all of her children's prized artwork and creations tucked away. I love bringing them out for special occasions!

    1. I have a great big huge bin in my garden shed! Believe me your are not alone. My mom keeps pulling stuff out and giving it to me. Little cards I made, booklets...


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