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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Positively Frosty Kisses Part One

Nest Circle
Have you ever been kissed by a cloud?  I  have.  One foggy winter morning we walked on the docks at Elkwater Lake.  The fog was so low and thick, that we could feel little ice crystals kissing our cheeks. 
Last night I was kissed once again on the cheeks by a gentle misty fog.  

Jack Frost accompanied me on a walk with my dog Lucky.  I was wondering what Jack was up to, as he dashed and darted between the willows and the poplars, the spruce and pine trees.   

While painting early this morning, I gazed out my north window and the scene lured me to get dressed and venture outside into the winter wonderland.  Jack Frost had stayed up throughout the night painting our prairie with sparkly ice diamonds.  Meandering through my yard, I caught glimpse of many positively frosty circles that had also been kissed by the magic of Jack!

To my surprise, I discovered a nest hanging in our bushes like a Christmas wreath.

A Christmas Wreath

The bolts, nails and chains on our corral fences were really showcased by dear old Jack. 

The summer insects' artistry magically appeared on the weathered grey fence canvases.

Everywhere I turned, another circle appeared.

The light shown shyly through the newly revealed circles of time.

Colours long since gone unnoticed, unveiled their hues.

December first was positively kissed by Jack Frost. 

The photographs  and story are soul property
of Renee Dowling.
If you wish to use them in anyway,
please contact her

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