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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Positively as Sweet as Cupcakes!

This weekend I finally was able to cuddle and kiss my new granddaughter, who happens to have the most delightfully squeezable cheeks ever!    Today she is one month old.  She arrived at my acreage with a little shirt that proclaimed she was as sweet as cupcakes, so I decided to create a page in my visual journal which I will be giving to her as a gift when I have completely filled it.

I practiced different ways of lettering with my new Sharpie pen and then used acrylic paint.

It has been a tough month and a half with all of the visits to the hospital, the hospice and the passing of my dear father, but a least there was a little sweetness in the month, my granddaughter.

It is too bad Dad never got to meet her in person.  We showed him lots of pictures and we were able to Skype with her, but it would have been wonderful for her to have seen his sunshiny twinkling blue eyes and precious smile for herself.  I am sure he would have thought her to be positively as sweet as cupcakes too!

One Week Old Feet

One Week Old Hands

Paint On Her Fingernails


  1. you have been through so much lately.
    such lovely bits of your granddaughter!
    I wish you and your family joy, health and love with your new little baby!

  2. Oh, Tammie, thanks for your support! She is a huge light in these dark and dreary days!


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