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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Things are Positively Settling Down

Things are positively settling down.  You may not know, but I have switched teaching assignments.  I am now teaching adorable, grade ones.  "Say what? some of you might say, "Are you nuts?  You were teaching grade sixes last year!"

"I know, a big jump, but what a refreshing jump!  My little darlings are like little sponges and are so eager to learn to read and write and learn about the world. So refreshing compared to grade sixes!   It is so exciting to see them improve EVERY DAY!  I think I should start blogging about my Grade One adventures! Hmmm, maybe soon.  I could write about the hugs, kisses, peeing, tying shoelaces, barfing, giggles...Gosh, do I have stories already!  

I finally have my groove back.  Boy, it sure takes a long time to move into a new classroom, all summer I was in the sweltering school getting ready for the new school year and grade, and just didn't have the gumption to blog or create much art,  but now it seems I have the right frame of mind to get back to doing things I like to do for me!

Last night as we were driving home from Drumheller, where the Mohawks football team defeated the Titans, 56-0, I was fighting sleep and was trying to stay wake. I looked over at Jeff and saw pink, green, white and blue lights dancing across the clear night sky.

 It wasn't hard to convince Jeff to pull over so I could share the experience with you! He is such a great guy! We pulled over near Tilley. Just as we stopped a magnificent great horned owl lit off of a fence post! Funny, all night I was saying, "Wouldn't it be cool if an owl suddenly swooped down and stole the football?" No football stealing, but a cool sight nonetheless!

I didn't have a tripod, so these will have to do. I supported my camera on a fence post and the hood of our Escape.  Once I remembered how to set the settings on my camera, I managed to get a few shots worth sharing!

A cool relaxing evening, great company, a beautiful community and environment, with the Big Dipper shining magnificently with the Northern Lights!  I think things are finally starting to settle down!

S is for settling down!

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. You are a teacher and it sounds like you are having a grand time, i am so happy for you. Also happy that the first graders have you!

    how lovely that you saw the owl and the beautiful lights!


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