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Monday, August 11, 2014

A Positively Lovely Picnic Day

Summer is quickly evolving, so it was time to get out for a good old fashioned picnic yesterday.  Families gathering in circles of lawn chairs, children playing on the playground and capturing minnows and Leopard frogs, couples walking hand in hand, families of geese swimming together, my son and I kayaking while my husband read and slept under the shade of a great Plains Cottonwood tree, all made this a positively lovely picnic day!

I finally made time to sketch in my journal!  How fun, how relaxing, how peaceful!

Doesn't the frog look at peace too?

Posing for me, I called two little boys over to see the frog.  They said it was their first time to see a real frog!  Every time I see a frog it is like the first time for me!  Rib-bit!

Lately, the only fish we catch are ones we find abandoned by other people.

This a Way and That a Way

 I like how these three Canadian Geese are all lined up diagonally.

These geese are showing off for the camera, splashing about making a statement.  
They agree it was positively a lovely picnic day!


  1. It looks like a beautiful place for a picnic, and how nice to capture it in a journal. The memory will stay with you forever that way. And you make the most gorgeous pictures ....

  2. hello Renee,
    It looks like you are having some good summer fun! such a sweet sketch and memory. your frogs look different than ours, love their spots. Sweet summer days and nights to you and yours.

  3. Hey, it's so good to take that time, isn't it? I haven't been doing a lot of relaxing here lately...too much to get done. But I did remind R that he promised me a couple of walks around here. I love seeing Canada geese, and especially when I'm out of Canada. I always smile and point and say, "my countrymen!" :D

  4. There is nothing as summery as a picnic! Love your sketch book!

  5. Renee, you are an incredible photographer!! Those geese are wonderful and that frog - just awesome. I could almost feel the peacefulness of the picnic in your sketch... xx

  6. I agree you do take wonderful photographs! Love that little frog. Hope you enjoyed your summer Renee and that you are well.


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