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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In Positive Anticipation

The antiques decorations are all finally hung and the scent of Christmas fir delightfully fills our house all waiting in anticipation for family to arrive this afternoon.

Many years ago, I fashioned decorations out of antique spoons. Beside this decoration are ornaments passed down from my family.

I was always crafting when I was younger.  Here is a little girl I created.  To the left is an antique bell we picked up last weekend at a Nanton antique store.

A hand painted wooden star nestles in a little tree in my dining room.

Also in Nanton I purchased a wooden yardstick.  I created a star, added raffia and a hand painted wooden star.

I have added all of the leaves to our tiger oak antique table to support our yearly games tournament.  Later we will journey to a near by small town to feast upon yummy Chinese food. We will return to our acreage for an evening Country Christmas music festival!  The guitars, piano, spoons, accordion and bells are anxiously awaiting around the Christmas tree.

I sure hope Mom and Dad bring out some of their delicious Christmas cookies.   The other day I popped  into my Mom and Dad's house and they were making dough for our favourite Christmas cookies.  I am sitting here drooling just thinking about them.

Here is my little cousin eating last year's Christmas cookies!  Those eyes say it all!

The finishing touches have been added to the art that I plan to give to my family this Christmas. This piece is for my sister.  I have written a letter to her about believing in herself.

The quote was written using my antique Underwood typewriter... 
If your mind and heart agree, then you have made the right decision.  Trust yourself!

I have a second one on the go, but I have not finished it yet.

I will share my other art with you after Christmas.  My mom and dad check out my blog, so I do not  want to ruin their surprise!

Yesterday, I received a phone call from a local decorating store.  I won a raffle! The money is being raised for a local animal shelter called Save Old Souls.  This little Maltese puppy looks so real.  It actually has a little motor inside that makes it look like it is breathing!  So cute!

Well, I must go and finish getting ready for our annual Christmas Eve party.  I hope your day is filled with positive anticipation and all of your Christmas dreams come true!

See you soon!



  1. I love all those different little Christmas ornaments, and the stories that go with them. That present for your sister sounds like a lovely idea .... Hope you enjoy your cookies ;-) Have a very merry Christmas Renee, and all the best for the new year ♥

  2. Thanks, Denthe. I did enjoy the cookies! Thanks for visiting. Happy New Year to you as well!


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