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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Northern Lights Were Positively Spectacular

At 2:30 am on Saturday morning, I arose to use the washroom and spotted light dancing in the northern sky. I grabbed my camera, a tripod, my dog and headed outside.

 Sure enough, the Northern Lights were putting on a positively spectacular light show! I stood there in amazement, I had never seen such a performance. Waves dancing this way and that, and the occasional green, pink and purple light flashing and changing before my eyes.

I knew that I couldn't keep the experience to myself, so I flew into the house to awaken my son and he agreed that he needed to witness the northern light ball.

After several minutes the lights in the dance hall continued to flap and flash some more. We knew my husband needed to join us too. He agreed to join us!

All four of us stood there in amazement. The only sounds were a dog and a coyote yelping in the distance, and the occasional snort from our horses. The sights and peace were breathtaking.

Suddenly, I heard a familiar meow. It was one I hadn't heard for about four months. Could that be one of our favourite cats, Fluffy? While I fussed with my camera trying to figure out how to take photographs of the heavenly light show, my husband and son wandered off to see if the meowing was indeed Fluffy. Sure enough, it was him!!!!! What a miracle.

We thought he was a goner. He disappeared during a horrible snow storm.  After several months he had finally returned! Yippee!

Fluffy's brother, Jacques Cartier, was delighted to see him. He sprinted to him and nuzzled him and they began to lick each other and weave in and out against each other! After the excitement, my son and husband tiredly dragged their weary bodies back inside to bed and I remained outside with my dog.

Feeling brave and inspired, I remained outside till the sun began to rise and the dawn's chorus began.

My photos are not that clear, but I decided to share them anyways.

Now that I kind of know what I am doing, I will try again soon. This morning I ventured out again, but there were too many clouds and there was lightning.

I have never personally seen such colour and movement of the Northern Lights. Usually the sightings have been white light for a few moments on a cold crisp winter's night, not hours of lights dancing in colourful display on a June summer's morning! What a way to begin my first day of summer holidays! The Northern Lights were positively spectacular!


  1. Renee, these are marvellous! I love the colours you captured in the sky and horizon. I'm not sure what you had your ISO at but I usually crank mine up to about 1250 or higher and use an exposure of about 20-25 seconds. I also set my picture control to 'Vivid.' Kudos for being a night owl and seeing the Northern Lights! They are truly mesmerizing to watch!

    1. I used a variety of ISO levels, but mostly 1600. Is there any other way to control the time of the exposure? I noticed that the length of time varies and is determined by the ISO chosen.

      I looked for "Vivid" on my camera, but I don't have that choice. You have sparked an interest in reading my user manual more thoroughly. I have just discovered that I can actually use live view shooting, instead of only viewing the subjects through the viewfinder eye piece. Oooh, that will be helpful when using a tripod! After all this time, who knew?

    2. Terri,

      Thanks for your support and encouragement:) I look forward to your ideas and suggestions!


  2. You are so lucky to have experienced the lights - and great captures too! And I love the story of the return of your cat:)

    1. Lorik,

      I feel very fortunate to have witnessed the lights with my family, after all of these years wondering if I would ever see the lights this far south in Canada in colour! The cat, Fluffy, is still hanging around! Yeh!

      Thanks for the compliment!


  3. omg Renee how beautiful!!!!! Really lovely!

  4. Thanks, Maria! There is a lot of beauty in this world!

  5. Thanks, Maria. We really do have beautiful world!


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