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Monday, November 26, 2012

Positively Wondrous

I Wonder Why?
I was positively wondrous today.  As I was taking my dog out for her daily business, I heard the strangest sound every time I picked up my heavy winter boats.  The sound was like the sound of beads falling in a rain stick.  I wonder why I have never heard the sound before?  I have had 44 winters to hear the sound.

Watch and listen to the video to hear the sound after the crunch of my footsteps.

I created the video on Windows Movie Maker using art that I created with my new art app on my iPad called "Paper 53", my photographs and Voice Memo on my iPod.  Now I have two videos on YouTube.  Who knew I would try to create videos and share them on YouTube?  I am learning so many technological things that are really helping me to become positively " wondrous".

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  1. What a great idea Renee! You are a video artist now too! I had not heard this sound before either and thought it rather ingenious of you to record it and put the sound to some art. Loved the red leaf on the snow. Thanks for sharing. Thanks too for your kind comments re: my puppy portrait. Always a treat to hear what people think. Happy painting or videoing!

    1. The world is so full of wonder and possibilities, it is so exciting to discover new things. One never knows where an experience will take her. Thanks for your support and encouragement!

  2. Oh yes, that's snow! I recognize the sound from the last two very cold and snowy winters we had in Belgium .... Hard to imagine now that I'm in Australia and summer is about to start .... I LOVE the art you made!

    1. Welcome to my blog as a follower! I so enjoy your blog each week.

  3. Ah, seems so far away... You and your children have experienced the seasons in many fortunate. Thanks, Denthe for joining me on my blog. It is great to hear from you!


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