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She Found Herself: Journaling about the challenges of running a small business

Running a small business has many advantages, but at times, it is frustrating.

This mixed media piece is all about the frustration of getting people to commit and the comments or lack of comments they make to placate or ignore one’s offerings.

Intuitive Mixed Media Visual Journaling can be tricky. See the different steps I took to end up with this final version and reflect on my small business life.

I changed my mind several times about the theme and the appearance. I used copies of my old art work for most of the collage papers.

It evolved from using the lyrics and music of Trust Fall by P!nk, to being about the frustrations of being a business owner and a person who receives responses from people who are afraid of committing or who give empty promises.

I am sure you have heard the same responses from people you meet, '' We should get together sometime soon," but then never hear from them.

"I would love to learn how to visual journal. Do you have any classes? I will have to sign up... one day." One day never comes.

"Next month I will have more money... Next month arrives... "I am too busy. Maybe in the fall." Fall arrives, "Do you offer classes in the winter?" Winter comes... "I don't like driving in the winter. Call me in the spring." Spring arrives, "I am too busy. How about in the summer?" On and on…

“Let me know when your next classes are being offered.” I send a message, and…nothing. I am ghosted.

One of the business coaches I met recently reminded me that it is their loss and the people who have reached out and followed through are benefitting and their lives are changing because of what I have to offer.

Do you also get frustrated because of non-committal behaviour?

Favourite supplies used:
White Uniball Signo pen
Winsor & Newton Artist Pitt Pens
Dip pen and ink
UHU Glue Stick


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