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Military Mental Wellness

To make a difference in another person’s life
is the highest honour one can earn.

Military and civilian caregivers at Ralston, open their hearts, minds and ears to help others in need every day, not only in their professional lives, but also in their personal lives.

Friday, it was their turn to reach out and take care of themselves.  

When one flies on a plane, we are reminded,  “In case of an emergency, place your oxygen mask on first, then help others.”  That is just what they did.

My visual journaling morning session focus was to do a brain dump.  What is swimming around in your head that you have to release? 

We began with journaling, then narrowing our thoughts down to keywords and phrases, then deciding what was most important to focus on.

We used mixed media to represent that focus, remembering that we did not have to create a pretty picture, and in fact, it waz okay for it to be even be ugly. 

The key was to make “Me Time,” to enjoy the process, reflect and release, be mindful, and creative, to focus on the experience and to express oneself freely. 

In the afternoon, my friend, colleague and art therapist, Carla Thorogood, led us through several art therapy activities to help us figure out where in our bodies we were feeling tension and what was that tension telling us about what was swimming around in our minds.

Her exercises helped me to re-evaluate, prioritize and then, have a wonderful open, judgment free conversation with my husband.

It has been our third time working together with military and civilians at Ralston, and it was magical.

Carla and I have also been working with teens of our military members privately, which also has been very gratifying.  It has been amazing to see their social anxieties lessen and their relationships grow.

To hear the words, “You have helped me to change my life, thank you. I am now looking after myself,”   really was a magical moment, for both Carla and I. 

It reminded me of the importance caregivers have and that I am on the path I need to be on.

Carla and I look forward to returning regularly throughout the year.

A special thank you to Peter Vere for reaching out and organizing the wellness days with his team of caregivers, and encouraging others to take care of their mental health. 

Peter, you are a hero in my eyes.  I wish you peace, love and wellness on your next posting.  You make a difference in other’s lives, but remember to take care of you too!

Thank you for the amazing opportunities you have provided to both Carla and I. They have been a highlight of our year!

You and your family will be dearly missed! 

Isabelle, we will also dearly miss you and your family! Continue your journey of self-care and being the giving tree! We hope your new posting finds your creative, happy and healthy!


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