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Teen Tuesdays Mixed Media Visual Journaling Classes

Teen Tuesdays Mixed Media Visual Journaling

In visual journals, teens will use mixed media while exploring themes of self-reflection. 

Being a teenager can be a difficult time. It is full of changes and transitions physically, emotionally, socially, mentally,  and in independence. 

It is important that teenagers have a healthy way to express their thoughts, feelings and stories.  Visual journaling is a safe, creative way to achieve that through both art and writing.  

Knowing that they are not alone in how they feel and experiencing the world is important. Connecting with art and social interaction with other teens with similar interests and common emotions and experiences will be very beneficial.

We will use mixed media such as watercolour paint, collage papers, felt markers, dip pens, pencil crayons, ink and printmaking supplies, to name a few!

*Six weeks

*Feb. 28- April 4

*6:00-8:00 pm

*$300 (includes all supplies, instruction, and visits with my horses, Merry, Monkey and Sunshine, popcorn and a beverage, as well as a great time to meet new people with similar interests!

This is suitable for all art abilities.  

Teens may want to bring ephemera such as maps, photocopies of photos, tickets, brochures, stamps, fortune cookie slips, favourite quotes or music lyrics, a favourite recipe, special events keepsakes or trips or memories that represents who they are and may want that to include in their visual journals.

Please send inside shoes or slippers.

Dress for the weather to visit the horses.

1. Contact Renee Dowling to register:

*Call or text 403-952-9475

*Private Message




2. Then reserve your teen's spot, by e-transferring the full amount to reneedowling@reflectionsartstudio.com


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