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Positive Reflection


I wish you all  a happy, healthy, creative new year!

Many people I meet want to lead a happy, healthy, creative life, and are interested in visual journaling, but don’t know how to start. 

Many of us start a new year in reflection, so I invite you to start your visual journal by reflecting upon yourself, and focusing ONLY on POSITIVE attributes that make you you!

This is a difficult thing for people of all ages, because from the moment we wake up, our monkey brains start the negative narrative in our heads.

I assure you, however, that with regular positive reflection, it gets easier and it definitely improves how you see yourself, and the world!

I am here for you and would love to help you begin your creative, healthy journey of self-reflection. 

I am happy to work around your schedule to set up a retreat or even a series of lessons.

Here is to being brave and living a happy, healthy, creative life!


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